Morgan O’Hara

O’Hara’s practice researches vital movement of living beings through LIVE TRANSMISSION.

Morgan O’Hara invented the performative two-handed drawing process in 1982. Her drawings are often done in international performance art festivals; commissioned as site-specific wall drawings and are in the permanent collections of museums and art institutions around the world.

Jon Shireman

Shireman’s work centers around the archaic and the ultramodern.

Jon was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. His approach is never far removed from the gritty confines of a city in flux, but it is with an eye toward reality and sometimes is the outright documentary. He finds solace in nature, the heartland in all it’s glory and loneliness.



Larry Lee Webb

Webb’s paintings are about the process of painting and the affection for the paint.  

Larry Webb often has only a general idea of what is going to happen when he starts painting.  He makes a mark and then reacts, works the surface, applying paint with a brush or knife and pulling up color laid down in earlier paint layers. Through this process, the painting changes until he sees what he wants to see. Webb considers a finished painting nothing more than an image recording the time he spent working on it, and the thoughts he had during the process.

Hilda Shen

Shen’s paper BIO SCULPTURES interpret the imprint of human culture on landscape.

With a range of marks from brushed ink to large fingerprints on its surface, the paper is waxed, stiffened into a three-dimensional shape with a polymer and connected through sewing.  The flat sheets become amorphous and anthropomorphic forms.  The final pieces are reminiscent of Chinese scholar rocks, dramatically shaped by natural forces and coveted for their meditational aura, but here they seem touched by giant hands.


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