I a m fortunate to have twelve Morgan O’Hara drawings in the gallery and one in my private collection. I so admire her highly conceptual, disciplined yet impressionistic work. Morgan’s drawings are sought by renown art museums worldwide.
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago, Chile currently hosts a comprehensive exhibit. Three distinctive concepts are presented in five spaces. LIVE TRANSMISSIONS, dearest to my heart, are showcased in various forms in spaces 3, 4 and 5 in various forms.


Above: Morgan O’Hara, LIVE TRANSMISSION: movement of the hands of percussionist ESTEBAN ROBLEDO while doing a LIVE TRANSMISSION PERFORMANCE / Colectivo Mapocho / Santiago, Chile / 2nd Bienal Internacional de Performance / 5 November 2008 / 2 Pied-á-Terre Gallery collection.

In Sala 1 Morgan explores how we as individuals cope with everyday stories of horror, difficulty, disaster, and still manage to find piece and carry on. She suggests that the visitors reflect on their moments of the experience of peace and write one story in careful detail so that other people can read it, feel it, and realize that there are many, many ways to experience peace.

Sala 2 exhibits TIME STUDIES. I had a small tasting of the series during a recent show in New York. This is Morgan’s lifelong commitment as she records her human experience dealing with time and space. The earliest recordings are from 1974. In 2008 she started utilizing papers which had been previously used for different types of accounting for example 1933 ledger pages from a Japanese hardware store or 1792 accounting pages from an Italian tailor.


The main work in Sala 3 is a site-specific LIVE TRANSMISSION wall drawing 4.5 x 20 meters painted directly on the wall using a dark gray water-based paint. The drawing was projected on the wall and painted by O’Hara, her assistant Ton Scheerder, and volunteers.


Videos and photographs of LIVE TRANSMISSION performances run continuously on a screen embedded in the wall of the rotunda, Sala 4. The center of the room is left empty for people to do their work while O’Hara makes LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings. A letterpress print quoting a line from the poem: I AM A PART OF ALL THAT I HAVE MET is present in this space.


Sala 5 is dedicated to framed drawings of live art, performative drawings, LIVE TRANSMISSION performances, most of which are in the catalog published by the museum, Volume 6 of the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIVE TRANSMISSION.