When Jon and I met a few years back, I immediately, like a moth was drawn to his light. Right away we worked together on a composition of photographs for the Park Avenue Apartment project. It was a large residence with a small-scale foyer, and we wanted to have a big impact right at the entrance. A collaboration was born.

A couple of years later we curated three series to be featured at Pied-à-Terre Gallery: Out There, Right Here and Urban Light.

Jon’s work centers around the archaic as well as the ultra modern. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and his approach is never far removed from the gritty confines of a city in flux with an eye toward reality and sometimes outright documentary. He finds solace in nature, the heartland in all its glory and loneliness. This dichotomy has flourished into a world of imagery.

Above: Urban Light series, St. Pauls, No.1243, 2013

Above: Right Here series, Fire, no 1148, 2015

Above: Out There series, Dunes, No. 1932, 2010